Hi, I am Nicole Benner.

I am a classic Aries!

I love coffee but HATE caffeine.

I talk as much as I breathe.

I cry over everything.

I love Marvel, Star Wars, & all things fantasy!

I was born to create!

My photography journey started in 2011 as a single mother. I moved from CT to the little fishing town with a drinking problem known as Englewood,FL. I purchased my first "real" camera with my tax return, despite the voice in my head telling me to spend it on something practical. ( SEE classic Aries!!)

From 2011 -2020 photography remained a consistent passion and hobby. I learned through practice, books, videos, and mentors. Through marriage, life as a military wife, and having a second child, photography remained! Ultimately, it was the pandemic that put me on another level. While everyone was locked down, I was reflecting and growing, so I decided to start my business.

I love standing out and being different. I live for photos that are raw, beautiful, and candid. Time moves SO fast and these moments are SO important to document! I want to work with the adventurous couples, the glowing expectant mothers, and the wild families! If that is you... you are my kind of people!!

family photographer

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